Teri has a true passion for teaching. Her former business careers were even of a teaching and training nature including working as a Photography teacher at College of DuPage. In 2003, she took her first Bikram Yoga class and discovered her new journey. In 2006, Teri attended Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in LA and went on to expand the depths of her yoga knowledge.

In 2011 she became 100 hour Yin Yang Yoga certified when she trained with Master Paulie Zink, the founder of Yin Yoga and with Paul and Suzee Grilley in Yin and Yang Yoga. In 2012, Teri began training with Suddha Weixler in the yoga styles of Classical Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Teri also teaches Power Vinyasa, after attending training at PYOM in Downers Grove with Karen and Mick Cesta. Teri loves the science of Yoga and truly believes in the benefits of the practice.

Her studies in Yoga and Anatomy Education allows her to help students in the healing of chronic pain. She safely guides and assists with modification to meet an individual student’s need.

Teri’s passion for Yoga encourages students and she enjoys watching them grow in their own Yoga journey! Teri instills the understanding that there is endless knowledge and benefits to be gained with a regular Yoga practice.

Teri loves the Yoga community and the friendships foraged.

She looks forward to seeing you in class!