By: Jackie Lauger

Artist, Yoga Teacher



Inspiration strikes and I usually see bits of a completed piece. I’ve learned to keep a sketchbook on my nightstand, my car and in my bag.

I created these small warriors during one of my yoga trainings. The circles of metal represent the ongoing learning and growth process for each of us. The vintage fabric is from India, it’s delicate and hand dyed. I tore the fabric, so the edges would be frayed. We are all connected in the tangles, the raw edges are intentional. My art always has details that are meaningful. This warrior is sculpted on a hand blown glass bottle, very worn and thick. I wrote intentions and slipped inside as a token of gratitude. She stands tall and strong, weathered and determined. This grit is in all of us. Our stories are written through the steps we take, finding our way and connecting. Each of us has a story meant to be shared.

The Sanskrit chant was apart of my training and resonated with my heart.
Here’s the translation—

May we be protected together
May we be nourished together
May we create strength among one another
May our study be filled with brilliance and light
May there be no hostility between us
OM, peace, peace, peace