phases of nature


By: Stefanie Maloney

Yoga Teacher and Landscaper, (Owner of

At Saha Yoga we are preparing to open our doors to a new beginning. As we start transforming from Spring into early summer, we can sense the excitement of this new time. Each phase of Nature has a meaning and impact on our lives. When we practice yoga we start to intuitively live within the phases of nature and become aware of the potential each season can bring to us.

WOOD symbolizes spring.

Spring is the beginning of the season cycle. A time of birth, new beginnings and of hope.

It is the energy of the element wood. This energy brings forth new growth.

On a personal level, this energy allows us to move foward, be asertive, have vision and change who we are.

It is the time to freshen up the landscaping after it’s long winter rest. A spring landscape clean up with assure your gardens maintain their health and beauty for many years.


FIRE is a symbol of summer.

It is a time of activity, warmth and movement and growth.

Humans and plants flourish in the warm sun.

This is when we are outside in nature.

We are gathering and enjoying each other’s company in outdoor living spaces.

Beautifully designed patios and gardens are inviting and create joy in the heart and souls’ that share the space.

EARTH symbolizes the late summer.

It is the shortest of the five season.

The pause betwen the element of wood and fire and the descending elements of metal and water.

It is the energy of Mother Earth.

Time of harvest.

Time to reap what we have worked for throughout the year.

The earth is good, the quality of the soil has the ability to produce food to nourish ourselves.

The shortened days and cooler weather makes this the best time of year for planting most everything.

Plants love this time of year, their leaves aren’t stressed by scorching sun. There is less demand for water from the roots and roots are in their most active phase of growth allowing for a well established root system before winter sets in.

METAL symbolizes autumn.

This is when nature rids itself of what is not needed.

Shedding leaves and producing compost, ensuring nutrients for the next cycle.

Metal helps us understand we are more than “Day to Day Life.”

We are connected to “ALL THAT IS.”

WATER symbolizes winter.

Time of rest and hybernation.

This is a quieter and more reflective time of year.

Water reminds us of our ability to flow and overcome obstacles. 

A good time to plan next seasons gardens.