Chantel’s first experience with yoga began in her childhood home, watching her mom practice and teach yoga.  Influenced by her yogi mother, she learned about yoga philosophy, posture and seated meditation, but always struggled with sitting still for long enough to cultivate a strong practice.  It wasn’t until years later she attended her first Vinyasa class, and discovered the yoga style that would lead her back to her mat…meditation in movement!  Mesmerized by the playful dance between breath and posture, Chantel found the connection she always searched for and went on to become certified yoga instructor.

As an avid runner, sports enthusiast, and former dancer, Chantel believes in the power of movement as a bridge towards self-discovery and healing. In addition to her formal training, she passionately pursues courses and trainings to enhance her offerings as an instructor and nourish her curious and playful spirit.  Chantel considers that yoga is for every BODY, and her hope is to help students embrace their unique path towards wellbeing and peace.